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When I moved to Los Angeles, 3 months ago, I visited the Chamber of Commerce in a place called Granada Hills.

This is where I met Paul, Harvey’s son. Paul said, “You gotta meet my dad,” and the next thing I know, New York born, Harvey Eisenstadt is shaking my hand.

We swapped ideas about being a public speaker, sales and marketing. It is easy to see that Harvey has the upper hand on me regarding sales and marketing, mainly because he has won awards for his sale achievements in industry associations and large companies.

I actually enjoy conversations with people about sales and marketing, it’s psychology, philosophy, human behaviour and creativity. Harvey is one of those people you could listen to for a long time, maybe even taking notes.

When was the last time you listened to someone really experienced?

Imagine your understanding of sales, perhaps in a mind map or holodeck. My sales philosophy is, make people feel great about life and themselves. If it was an image, it would be photos of me being with people, some call it the Journalist Style of Marketing.

Imagine yours.

There are so many great books and audio programs on sales and I love how they have prioritised personal development within them, ultimately leading a person to discover what is unique about them.

Harvey made a big point that sales came down to the question: why should the buyer buy from me?

What makes you unique from everyone else who is doing what you’re doing? 

As a boy, Harvey got the worst type of Polio and things did not look good for him. However, the sheer desire to get back to doing athletics with his friends cured him 100%. Cured!  Harvey made medical history.

Harvey told me he is one of those guys who, if you say something can’t be done, he’ll go do it.

Has someone ever told you, regarding something you wanted to do, that can’t be done? Harvey would encourage you to go prove ’em wrong.

“Most of the important things in life have been accomplished by people who just kept trying, even when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie.

What did you experience and perceive while reading that quote? Is it time to re-commit to that which you are going after?

Harvey is a great guy and I am so appreciative to have met him. He gave me a signed copy of his book, Step Up To Sales Success, a compilation of the best articles he wrote over 18 years while in senior sales capacities. It’s pure gold. The central theme to sale success is personal relationships.

What are your theories on sales? Do you believe there’s always room to improve? Harvey would say there is.


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