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Here’s what it comes down to: do you value getting results or not?

Are you committed to doing something special with your life or not?

Or are you the kind of person who is into good old fashioned ‘putting it off til tomorrow?’

Or… are the kind of person who wants to get on the playing field at kick not just a few goals, but all off them? I got someone you ought to meet.

Results Strategist, Samuel Gbadedo of Long Beach, California is a walking talking get stuff done kinda fella.

If you are into getting results in your life and your business, you should start hanging out with him more often.

A quick moment to thank Hypnotherapist, David Vancil of Downtown LA for introducing me to Samuel.

Samuel and Samuel (me) met up on the Brand Boulevard of Cars in Glendale today and, well, clicked.

The guy radiates goodness and a practical approach for success.

When it comes to making the life you want, he says, do everything you can to stay in the mindset of making results happen.

At the end of each day, before going to bed, think about what goal you want for tomorrow.

A goal in alignment with your vision.

Samuel emphasised the importance of tracking your growth with hard numbers and facts.

Write 2 or 3 goals each day that you just got to do.

We talked for a while about the science and art of success and the unfortunate truth that most people beat themselves up with negative thoughts and self-talk.

It seems to easy to speak negatively to yourself, to interpret your daily life as evidence that things are not going your way, not going progressing towards your visions.

We also talked about how easy it is to stop all that BS and start telling yourself a better story, one that you remind yourself of each day or whenever you notice the negative self-talk popping up.

So, could we say that getting the results you want and over-coming negative self-talk, the setbacks and real world knocks really about your perception of yourself and your life?

If you interpret and perceive yourself to be experiencing knock backs, then yeah, you are going to find it tough to get the results you really want.

If you, like these two Samuels, see events as just another opportunity for learning, growth and evidence that you are making progress, then you can program yourself into this mindset so that it becomes the default position.

Trust a Samuel, they help you get the results you want.

Samuel Gbadedo, Results Strategist.