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Dr. Gregory Sadler can turn you into a Philosopher quickly and painlessly.

I wish I had met him when I was doing my Undergrad degree in Philosophy in 2001.

Greg takes the hard concepts of philosophy and explains them in an easy way for lay people and academics too.

You don’t even have to travel to Wisconsin, USA to reap the benefits of his educational prowess, because he’s got a you tube channel and he is on Patreon too. (links below)

I was introduced to Greg by William Ferraiolo, featured in the previous episode of this blog.

Think about a problem are you having in your work or daily life, such as trying to get along with co-workers, a boss, or your spouse. You probably haven’t thought to use Philosophy to solve your problems, but you can.

Greg says, there are so many great Philosophers out there who have written incredible books and they can provide a modern solution to our problems.

Take Seneca for example.

His main message is, live a simple life along with nature and other people and you will be happy.

How often do we face problems and tensions between other people caused because someone simply had to make things difficult and complicated?

It happens every day.

Seneca would probably say, if someone or something is going to be difficult to work with, approach the situation with a kind of awareness that, ‘yes, I may not be able to control something outside of me, but at least I can control my emotional response.’

Speaking with Greg was an enjoyable occasion, it was easy to get along with him, it didn’t even seem like we were talking about Philosophy, even though we were.

Learning Philosophy from people like Greg is highly relevant and useful for our lives.

There is so much information out there and sorting through it often just adds to our stress and workload, but Greg is able to cut to the chase using the wisdom of the Masters.

What if you read just one book on Philosophy? How might that improve your day?

Greg says, start with just one book on Philosophy and take your time reading it.

If reading isn’t for you, Greg’s Youtube channel allows your to get that personable touch and learn about how Philosophy can make your life a little easier.

Now who doesn’t want that?

Dr. Gregory Sadler’s Youtube Channel