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It would be great, wouldn’t it? If you had a super power like no other. The power to control everything perhaps?

Imagine how you’d feel if finally you were able to say, ‘YES, I finally have my life together and I control all external daily life! I’ve done it! Now I can… um… now I can… um… What is it that I was wanting to do?’

But, you can’t control everything, can you? So why all the sweating?

Author and Philosopher, William Ferraiolo and I met through Linkedin this morning and this afternoon we talked on Skype and recorded this interview.

How wonderful is the internet for connecting with people across the globe quickly!

Synchronistic stoicism!

William has just announced a new publication, Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure: Stoic Exercise for Mental Fitness.


The book looks like it will make a lot of people happier if they read it.

Meet Bill, he’s cool. He was a high school jock kinda guy.  Had a serious knee injury then found Stoicism.

William Ferraiolo

Williams says Stoicism is the Western version of Buddhism.

So, if you are finding it hard to deal with life and all it’s woes, this book is for you.

This book is also for you if you want to let go of all your personal (and perhaps useless) effort to control everything.

“You can control nothing other than your own attitudes, values, and efforts directed at mental discipline. The rest of the world is as it is, will be as it will be, and unfolds as it does with or without your consent. This is as it should be. Indeed, this is as it must be.” (from Book I, Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure.”)

C’mon, as an entire species we owe it to ourselves to finally just do it all at once.

But wait, you must have questions about this wonderful philosophy called Stoicism.

Why is Stoicism so important in 2017 and onwards?

Is it because so many people are feeling the blues in a big big way and don’t see a way out?

Is it because people are killing themselves, taking anti-depressants and are finding it hard to feel much meaning for their lives?

Is it because things keep getting more expensive to buy?

Yes it is.

Now, although I am not well-read in the subject,  I think the word indifference may be fitting?

Sto sounds like the sto in oven stove, and ic sounds like the ic as in pick and hammer.

Stoicism is being a little indifferent to daily life happenings.

Stoicism is playing the game to win, but not being to phased if you don’t.

Stoicism is valuing will power and trusting in it’s ability to make you happier.

Their are many more key aspects of this philosophy, the main being that you cannot control the world but you can control your response to it, and when a person accepts this, they become happier and start living a richer life.

How do you do stoicism?

The I.D.E.A. Method:

  1. Identify the problem. We often look for the problem outside of us. Look at yourself.
  2. Distinguish between what you can control with your will power and what you cannot.
  3. Exert effort only where it can do some good (i.e. on your self, your beliefs, expectations, rational responses)
  4. Accept outside factors. Happily embrace the world as it is. Make friends with Fate.

Plus, read Bill’s book, and listen to the audio interview for many names of expert in the field upon which William looks up to.

The pre-release book is available on Amazon. Release date is end of August, 2017.

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