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When did you fall in love with theatre?

What was is that did it for you?

For me, it was the quietness of the space before rehearsals began and before opening night.

That feeling of, “we should put on a show here!” The feeling of, “what could we do in this space?”

Backstage fascinated me too, because that’s where so much of the action took place too, not just on stage.

What I loved about being in high school and university plays as an Actor was just how close the audience was to the characters. It was real and not real at the same time.

And it felt like home.

There is a new home about to open it’s doors to you, should you love theatre like I do.

If you live in Glendale, Los Angeles and like going to the theatre, you are in for a treat.

The Antaeus Theatre Company is about to open it’s new theatre venue.

I know, I was just walking through it this morning during the final construction phase.

It’s looking good.

Actually, it’s looking sweet. It’s got a library for about 6400 plays for it’s Actors and hopefully a resource for the Glendale community.

I was privileged to be taken on a tour of the theatre with the very friendly Executive Director, Ana Rose O’Halloran.

Basically, Antaeus has gone from strength to strength, so they needed a new place to play.

The venue has two theatres, one with stadium tiered seating and a smaller black box theatre, affectionately called the Blueberry.

It’s a place for audiences to see quality plays and actors, many of them well known from TV and Film.

It’s a place to get up close to the action, to that threshold between the real and the really awesome.

Their opening show is Cat a Hot Roof, by Tennessee Williams (March 2017).

Ensemble: Daniel Bess*, Dawn Didawick*, John DeMita*, Mitchell Edmonds*, Julia Fletcher*, Harry Groener*, Tim Halligan*, Michael Kirby*, Tamara Krinsky*, Micheal McShane*, Rebecca Mozo*,  Linda Park*,  Ross Philips, Robert Pine*, Jocelyn Towne, Patrick Wenk-Wolff*

*member, Actor’s Equity Association, the union of professional Actors and Stage Managers in the U.S.


About the Author: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Motivational Speaker living in Los Angeles. This blog and podcast is a personal project of his. It’s a fun way of documenting the wonderful people he meets. Each guest is invited to introduce another guest.