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Shortly after meeting with Cristina Perez this week, I teleported myself five minutes walk up the road and met up with Jewellery Designer and Life Coach, Elida Tsou around the corner in Tender Greens, Glendale.

At least, that’s how I was intending to experience my reality that day.

When I spoke with Elida on the phone to organise the interview, I was met the voice of a friendly and warm hearted person.

Elida is a former licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a Masters of Science degree from Northwestern University.

Her website, Elida Designs says her ‘sole delight is in creating dainty unique handcrafted gold and silver designs with messages that speak to your heart and help you bring about your best life.’

And ‘a portion of profits are also given to our partner non profits that care for victims of trafficking, military widows, children with autism, among other causes.’

In 2014, Elida went to Swaziland, Africa to teach orphans how to make and sell their own jewellery.

She has a natural inclination for the spiritual and the giving consciousness of humanity.

The use of symbols and images for self-discovery and personal transformation is a well documented phenomenon.

Carl Jung writes about the use of mandalas in the Oriental and Occidental cultures.

Today there is a great choice of religious symbols from which people are drawing for their spiritual growth.

Elida has brought the spiritual power of images into the modern world of beautiful jewellery you can wear all day long.

What could the benefits be for you if you wore a personalised piece of jewellery all day?

What design would you pick?

If you are called to grow spiritually, where would you start with such a refined approach to self-discovery?

Elida says it’s all about the intention that you set.

It’s about jewellery that has  personal meaning, a story and magic sauce for the wearer.

The power of how little things can make a big impact is presented wonderfully in Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point,” and Elida Designs have jewellery that do just that for you too.

I believe the little delicate things of life are powerful.

If you find your life is going in the opposite direction to your liking, Elida would say, just trust that life is not against you. It wants you to do well; all things happen for a reason and we can accept this with a longer view of time.

About the Author: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Professional Speaker and Voice FX Educator living in Los Angeles. He speaks at service clubs, industry associations and schools about finding what truly motivates you… and how to use your special FX.