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Somewhere deep along the hallway of a commercial office building in Glendale California, there is a woman working away at her desk.

She has a nice view outside, a Picasso behind her and several professional certifications hanging on the wall.

She is passionate about helping immigrants make it in America.

Great! Because I am an Australian living in California, I arrived nearly two months ago.


I have my visa pasted into my passport and my Employment Authorisation Document ought to arrive from the Department of Homeland Security any day now.

The suspense is breath taking.

I’m here because I have a big crush on my Australian wife, and she is here because she applied for a job and got it.

My goal is to make a living from being a motivational speaker.

While I’m building my speaking business, I will be a substitute teacher in the Burbank area.

I love telling stories to children.

Moving to America and getting work is a lot of hoop jumping and filling out of expensive forms.

It is not so straight forward as one would hope it to be.

No doubt I’ll end up contributing to the economy, supporting my community and good things like that.

Most people are nice to me, they love my accent.


Yet not all immigrants coming to the USA get such a nice welcome as I have been getting.


It’s a white hot topic right now and fortunately there are good people trying to do good things in challenging environment.

Enter Cristina Perez, Attorney, television personality, author, wife and Mumma Bear.

She poses a question to me, ‘How do you explain to a child, the political situation in America?’

I reply, ‘how do you explain it to an adult?’ Can you explain it to me?

Has the political situation in American come out of judging people too quickly?

Cristina wants people to hear the immigrant success story of America.

Her dad’s for example.

He came to the USA to go to medical school, and so worked to afford an education.

Today, Cristina’s dad is a major contributor of his community and economy; he is a well known surgeon in California who probably made a lot of people live more comfortably.

But he was an immigrant!

Immigrants aren’t suppose to do those sorts of things are they?

What could the benefits be for changing your perception of immigrants in the USA?

More people like Cristina’s dad?

Cristina says, we each have the power to affect change, especially in the political arena of our time, what could you be doing?


Do yourself a favour and listen to the 20 odd minutes of Cristina telling how she got to where she is and why (you’ll find that right at the start of this article).


Samuel Osborne is an Australian Professional Speaker living in Los Angeles. He speaks at service clubs, industry associations and schools about motivation. As a semi-retired professional beatboxer, Samuel now champions an important message, you have special FX!