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If I was a kid again, and I was growing up in Burbank, I’d want piano lessons at Music Junction. A quality music school for children. Music Junction has fourteen teachers, and more are needed every year.

From running the school out of home, to establishing one school location, and just recently, a second, Director Carissa Wheeler and her team are people you want teaching your child to love music.

As a child, I made sound FX with my voice, mostly because I watched Star Wars original trilogy a lot. I wanted a light sabre, it made a cool sound; music to my ears and eyes. As a child, Carissa observed her mother teach music to sixty students a week out of the family home. Her love for music and children is clear.

Can you imagine your childhood where learning to play a musical instrument was normal? My dad played the Beach Boys vinyl record on the home stereo when I was a child. He had a microphone and would sing along. It’s probably amazing that I wasn’t put off music completely. I’m kidding. I’ve gone on to be just as enthusiastic about making noise through a mic too. By the way, Music Junction and myself have joined forces, offering beatboxing lessons too, starting in March. Oh, and DJ lessons are being offered by another great teacher too!

You can tell Carissa is devoted to music education. Just last month, Music Junction and the local Kiwanis Club organised the first Burbank Sing Star, very much in the same theme as American Idol. A charity event for the YMCA. It was was a total success, so they are doing it again in 2017.

You have to take a moment to appreciate what it must do for a child to get up on stage and sing or play music to an audience; to mum and dad. It fosters a relationship like no other. Music Junction is not just a music school, it’s a place to turn children into well-adjusted and happy adults. Musical instruments and singing take time to get good at for most, so does life for a child take time to get good at too.

They go together well.

Samuel Osborne is an international speaker, trainer and coach. He talks about the wound that hides the wisdom and other reasons humans are pretty amazing.