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My Aunty was a great mentor to me. She taught me, an Australian lad, about the Goddess. Wasn’t I meant to simply be interested in beer, cars, girls and football? Sorry to disappoint human evolution and public opinion, but I was born with a natural inclination to study the mysteries and myths of the world. The Goddess is a beautiful mystery. She is the powerful energy of nature that causes transformation and change all throughout the universe.

Enter Jo Ann Rodriquez of West Hollywood. Jo Ann owns an online jewellery store, but that’s just the beginning. Jo Ann is passionate about an important cause. A cause that comes with the spirit of the goddess and transformation: the reduction of human trafficking of young women in Los Angeles. In addition to contributing a percentage of sales to her cause, she holds a vision of education and empowerment for young women. This is the essence of her Child to Know Series.

Sitting on the cosy sofas of the Republic of Pie in North Hollywood, interviewing Jo Ann, is exactly that, cosy. However, it is an observable fact that many people in this city, as with many other cities around the world, do not have the choice to be cosy. Jo Ann says there are many young woman in LA who feel they do not have many choices other than to be slaves.

After my mere three weeks of living in Los Angeles, my gratitude has increased. Gratitude for the bed I woke up in this morning. For my ability to work as I will. Build my speaking business. For my freedom to pretty much do whatever I put my mind to. Gratitude for the life circumstances into which I was born. Living in LA, even in the short time as I have, has made it clear that I am exceptionally well-off compared to many. Fortunately, there are good hearted souls like Jo Ann with intentions to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Jo Ann gave me a postcard sized card upon which on one side was information about her Woman to Know Series. On the other side, five questions for women to ask themselves. You ought to get a pen and journal and write your answers and share them with Jo Ann.

  1. What would you say is your biggest or proudest accomplishment to this date?
  2. What future challenges are you looking forward to, professional and or personal?
  3. What woman do you respect for her achievements?
  4. Since you are A Woman to Know, what do you want to offer other women?
  5. What experience have you endured that was one of your most rewarding and made an impact on who you are today?

It is an inspiration to see people like Jo Ann evolving. Her business, her life and the lives of others. Perhaps this will inspire more business owners to choose a worthwhile cause too?