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Brick walls. They hurt when you run into them. They are notorious for taking the wind out of many people, so much so, that they never get back up again. It’s a world-wide phenomenon too. It’s been happening since anyone can remember. However, not all people stay down. Some people, get back up again. Does everyone have the ability to get back up again, no matter how many brick walls they run into?

This morning, I walked down Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles for the first time in my life. I was meeting up with David Vancil. A friendly fellow who comes from Chicago, has lived in Japan and Hawaii, and happens to be a Certified Hypnotherapist. He’s a good guy to know; he get’s that we all have the heroic spirit within us.

Here we are standing outside il Caffe (excellent espresso btw). (Me left: David right). 


David is a man who knows the value of self-awareness and the wonderful things it can create for us. He’s a fan of Joseph Campbell like me. We got along immediately. David has an extensive list of qualifications too.

We could say, everyone has the ability to get back up no matter how many brick walls. Yet, the fact is, many people seem very down and out for the count. So, it is easy to say, not everyone has the ability to get back up after some major crisis in their life.

Must we discipline ourselves in our own way? If a person values (cares about) a ‘compelling focus’ for their life, do they tend to get back up slower or faster after hitting a brick wall? Faster, right? So observe how your own mind can distract you with all sorts of inner imagery and an audio track; i.e. the movie in your mind. If you do not value something, you will not take care of it. If you do not value some compelling focus for you life, brick walls will take the wind out of you when you run into them. And you cannot predict how long it will take to recover from the smash. Many do not get back up. But there is a grand light ahead.

David emphasises being aware of self-talk, that is, the words that come out of your mouth at any time during the day, with people and even when you talk to yourself. Self-talk is also the audio track inside your head, that kind of talking. Being aware of your self-talk is like a great big castle door. It’s a massive door into a grand castle. Even opening this gigantic door a little bit, gets you a big peak into just how powerful your words and thoughts can be.

Here is something easy you can try, if you want to increase the awareness of your self-talk. Ask yourself in the morning: What did I say to myself first as I woke up? And how does that one thought or phrase set the tone for your day?

I borrowed an affirmation from Dr. John Demartini, and say it when I wake up: “I am a genius and apply my wisdom.” Then I just keep saying uplifting things like that for a minute. I’ve not even got out of bed yet remember. What might happen if you purposely change what you think and say each morning? That big castle door begins to open wider.

It was so good to speak with David toady; a really positive guy out to serve the world in a very powerful way. A world in which we are physical, mental and spiritual beings. Perhaps making it up as we go? Better start making it up in your own way, because you can.

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