When musicians get together and play, it’s a pretty special thing. Their ability to create sounds that please the ears and the soul is evident.

Band members Chris Baaske and Chris Ortiz of “The Auditorium” do exactly that.

These two musicians can take you on a journey; a world of enchantment that paints a landscape of delights, if you but only look, and listen.

They spoke of the experience of what it’s like to play and create music together.

I kind of telepathy perhaps?

Sitting on a bench in a cool bar (Tony’s Dart Away) in Burbank, Los Angeles, beers and cokes in hand, we explored the invisible side of creating sound, the effects on the brain and the joy music.

It would have been so easy for me to stay and chat with Chris and Chris (and drink the Bavarian wheat beer, recommended by the bar), these guys are really cool.

I’d never interviewed a band before for this little project; you get more than one side of a story this way, plus something else happens: synchronicity of conversation, thought and expression.

Ortiz talks about synchronicity when he and Basske are creating music. The seemingly automatic and harmonious way musicians just know and “synch” with each others mind’s and creative choices.

Psychologist, Carl Jung talks about synchronicity too: “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” (wiki)

Perhaps musicians, artists and people from many backgrounds, professions and craft have this experience too?

When shit just goes really well without trying too much.

I heard Zen Buddhist, Alan Watts talk once on an audio recording, about the Japanese term, wu-wei, meaning “no forcing.”

Maybe The Auditorium band members are actually Jedi Knights just trying to fit in on planet Earth and they have to keep their jedi mind powers under wraps, disguised as a really good ability to create cool music?

Can you relate?

Have you ever had that experience of flow with another person or a group of people?

What about personal flow, when you are by yourself?

My experiments of the imagination have given me ideas of how to get into different states of consciousness, mostly for the fun of it, but also to apply to the every day world.

I have a concept for this mind skill, I gave it a name. A German word I just made up because it sounds good: Regensbogansvorstellenscraft.

It’s a combination of two German words: Regensbogan (rainbow) and Vorstellenscraft (imagination ability).

The Auditorium guys have this skill, you can hear it in their music (linked below).