Been trying to lose a few more kilos and not seeing the results?

We here at Think Like a Thought Leader Blog and Podcast HQ have found your saviour.

Zafar Hyder, Personal Trainer and Australia’s current #1 Beatboxer.

Holy snickers burgers, imagine what kind of training session that would get you!

While he encourages you from above with, “get down and give me 25 sit ups,” he’s making you do it to the steady rhythm of a dope beat!

I’m kidding, I can’t back that up.

I’m not sure if he conducts his training sessions like that, but if he is going to push you to reach a new level of phatness, you might as well have the sounds of a human beatbox to drive you upwards and on wards.

Like an original soundtrack to your emerging new life.

One of the stand out qualities I noticed speaking with Zafar on Skype today was, not only incredible kick drum and snare sounds emitting from his vocal cords, but he had a fire in his eyes.

A fire that will push you beyond your comfort zone, where you will discover hidden potentials, talents and horizons you didn’t think existed.

It may be something a lot of beatboxers have in common, the passion for creating new ways of making funky beats, and parallel to that, awesome new ways of living.

The spiritual writings of great teachers from all cultures and times have promoted that happiness comes from following a way of life that makes you feel good.

Zafar is living such a philosophy and it is evident when speaking with him, he knows how to uncover your potential and guide you to own it.

In our conversation, Zafar and I resonated on the importance of mindset, especially in the journey of improving your fitness.

Mindset, says Zafar is really about having a vision for your life.

You need to get out of this thinking that is stuck in the day to day stuff and imagine a new picture of yourself looking and feeling simply amazing.

Zafar believes in people.

We need more people like him on the planet.

To get in contact with Zafar you can visit either his beatboxing page or his personal training site:

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