What power did God use first?

In the King James Bible, I mean.


In the beginning was the word.

God said stuff, and it happened. Good party trick right?

On a side note, I currently support the idea that the Bible is not a literal account of history, but a manual for the imagination and intention.

I got it from Neville Goddard’s “How to manifest your desires.”

Humans also use words.

Therefore, I conclude through seconds of research of the neuro web that is the collective consciousness, that we have that power to make stuff happen with our words too.

So here’s my question, when is it alright for a woman to teach a boy how to be a man?

When a man is not available to do it?

What do you say?

Many possibilities are possible.

Simply using your words and choosing to make it so is one of them.

Do we live in a time when there is a need for modifying the timeless initiation and blessing rituals of boys to men, girls to women, adults to elders?


Yeah, we do.

Mix it up to make it work, and do it with heart and wisdom.

Teeya Blatt taught (and probably still teaches) her son to be a man, or more specifically, a hero (just like he requested).

Teeya lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

A most wonderful planet: I’ve been a few times and want to go a few more too.

One of the stand out practical things Teeya introduced to her son was, to think about four noble characteristics of a man.

What he thought a man should be.

The man he wanted to be.

I’ve pencilled down: efficient, dependable, highly discriminating and prioritize.


What are your four noble characteristics for the person you want to be?

Teeya runs workshops and training in communities, of which one of them is the From Heroes Into Men program.


She is inspired heavily from the works of Joseph Campbell. And that kind of thing gets you VIP entry.

Teeya is also the Vice President for the Byron Youth Service (BYS).

She probably has a lot on her plate, even right now as you read this.

Probably some yummy organic food, and a view of Byron.

So jealous.

But all persons who choose the path to teach the mysteries have to accept that their plate will often be full.

And that people will get jealous of the kind of view of the world they have.

But that’s ok, you can change your view anytime you like.

You can become a hero too.

Exit your ordinary life and enter the enchanted world.

Follow your bliss.


http://www.fromheroesintomen.com (coming soon)