It’s time to become a visionary for your own life.

Get yourself a really epic looking jacket, boots, a watch on a chain, and stare off into the distance as if you were considering the future really really seriously.

With a seriously envisioning look on your face.

And the movie sound track from Braveheart.

The rain coming down.

The bagpipes.


Your future.


But nevermind all that positive talk, just go back to a dull life, filled with regrets and a dampened spirit. It’s the thing to do on Earth.

A job you hate or perhaps a relationship with your partner that has more in common with a boat stuck on a reef than with love.

All great stories and legends start with the protagonist being disturbed or invited somewhere somehow.

You are being invited to go on a journey to discover your passion and fire.

Of course you are free to stay in your ordinary world by all means.

The refusal to hear the call is one of the great mysteries of life.

Do you step out of your comfort zone or do you settle in for a life time of a mopey clown face?

Jason Bart is heeding the call to discover his magnificence, to step into his own support and light.

The good news?

He’s here to share his words of wisdom with those seeking their magnificence too.

After being on the journey for a little while now, Jason knows that we are dealing with the releasing of personal fears, guilt and shame around sexuality.

So, not something we can just pop down to shops and pick up. It’s a process, it takes time.

Start to feel the love within and share that, says Jason.

And stop going in to relationships to feel complete, you may end up trying to control your partner so they stay the way you want them to.

This is a popular thing to do on planet earth, it causes learning headaches.

Ask yourself, do I have a healthy relationship with myself?

Can you sit in stillness and be with yourself (phone turned off too?)

Do we look to others for love, light, validation? Why not within ourselves?

How would you go about listening to your inner guidance?

Listing your values in life is very helpful.

If you want to know your values, list what you spent your money on today, how you spent your time, and how you filled your space or where you went.

And you will know what you value.

For me its City Beach, Clancy’s, Journal Writing, Bacon and Eggs, Coffee, Swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach, rehearsing my speech for a speaking competition, masterminding my life and my business, my car, fuel and dub music.

Find your personal passion and start taking steps to manifest the joy in you.

Jason swims in the ocean a lot and says it’s a great place to discover his magnificence.

What does your magnificence look like?

How do you radiate out into life? How do you want to?

Step into supporting yourself and the universe steps in too.

The world opens up when you step into your own support.

Act as if you know what fires you up and you will start to feel you know what makes you fire up.

It’s not faking it if the same neurons are firing just as if you were doing it physically.

Take responsibility for your responses and reactions in your life.

Stop the blaming of circumstances and start owning it.

Recognise the self-defeating self-talk in the first place that says you can’t change things.

And you will have taken great steps on the way towards your magnificence.

You are becoming an alchemist of love.

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