Have you ever tried to bring your highest purpose out into the light of day?

What about getting out of your own way?

Or surrendering to it?

Not in the Call of Duty Special Ops surrendering kind of way, but more like the way you would surrender when a child just won’t lose the fascination of pressing your buttons.

Is there a “something special” inside you just wobbling like jelly on a plate to come out of you and shine it’s light onto the rest of us?

Your special ‘whatever it is’ could be the thing missing from not just your life, but several people within your community.


Don’t hold out on us… or yourself.

You could very well have the next best thing within you.

Imagine a world where ‘frog in a pond’ (aka a chocolate Freddo Frog in a bowl of jelly at a kid’s party) had not been brought out of whoever’s mind it was that came up with it?

The world would have missed out on something special I assure you.

But it hasn’t. I think we have Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake Special to thank.

This journey to discover and express your highest purpose can be a little tricky.

I can relate.

It was my journey for what seemed a long time, and now thanks to many people including those who have been guests on this blog, I’ve become comfortable with this “surrendering to it” business.

And even though I’ve thought about it a bit and explored it for a while, I thought I’d enlist one of the best in town to bring a fresh perspective to the topic.

Jill Hutchinson, aka the Red Pill or to stay true to her corporate colours, the Pink Pill.

Jill specialises in bringing out that something special for business owners.


She says, acknowledge the heart of the matter.

And be passionate about it, like Jill clearly is.

Just get her started.

Tell her you’ve setted for a less than satisfactory level of life happiness and see if you don’t come out significantly… uplifted.

Coming from South Africa was a big move for Jill and her family, it brought a lot up for her around a meaningful life.

So… she read The Secret and got proper Bob Proctor training.

From Bob.

Actually from Bob.

I’ve been reading, or should I say, writing in Jill’s book, Attitude of Gratitude and writing down many things for which I am grateful. Good for the soul for sure.

Please do yourself a favour and listen to the 20 minute conversation I had with her last week.

It will make you feel immensely in alignment with the cosmos.