Sick of trying to keep up with all the social media hype in the name of growing your business?

It’s not you’re fault, you’ve been tricked.

Fortunately, their are Jedi’s roaming around the internet who can lend a hand, or a light sabre.

Cause it’s probably time to cut, slice and mow down all the useless stuff you are filling your time with instead of the things that lead to sales for you biz.

And Doyle Bueler is the Jedi I’m talking about.

Doyle has a multi coloured light sabre, it doubles as a funky shirt.


We caught up in my second home, The Bodhi Tree Cafe in Mount Hawforrrrn today while the rain came down and everyone in Perth talked about it while it was the thing to talk about.

Doyle reminds those in business to get clear on their strategy. Eye E, your purpose and what you are trying to do in business.

Basically, he helps people get over the digital delusion and become a digital leader.

He’s written a book “The Digital Delusion” which is available here for free download or buy if you want some paper in your life.

What I like about Mr. Bueler is… his last name, because it reminds me of the scene in Ferris Bueler’s Day Off.

He’s also got this personality, style and calmness about him that says, “I gots the goods.”

You know those wheelin and deeeeelin internet marketers going around town that make out that online biz is easy if you only just sign up to their re hashished stuff, but for some reason, it don’t work?”

Well, it’s not necessarily because it don’t work, it’s because many a biz owner don’t work it.

Business is simple, don’t be the guy or gal who over complicates it.

If you are aimlessly scrolling through face crack, I believe it’s because you are simply not on purpose.

So sign out and ask yourself, what is the quickest way between where I am, a very satisfied client and money in my account?

Go back to why you are in business, know what business you are in, what’s the product of your product, who specifically do you serve, and what feeling and value do you offer them?

Ignore the digital hype and stick to business basics.

Get some sound advice and a plan from Doyle for your digital strategy and stick to it.

He might even let you see his funky shirt collection.