What’s your fondest memory?

What if a ton of people, in your postcode shared a similar memory as you?

Surely, there must be at least a few people within walking distance of your pyjama wearing till 12 lifestyle?

Imagine the shared look of surprise as you and your yet to meet BFF slash neighbour you never knew you had, who not only lives two houses down, shares the same fondest memory, but loves Minion onesies as much as you do!

Er-mah-gerrrrd! Let’s have coffee!

Not wait, even better: let’s add each other on facebook too!

It almost looks like we are returning to… …one of those good old fashion values of getting to know your neighbours.

Maybe. Is that even possible, what with all the screen-born viruses?

One man believes it is possible. In fact, he is far from alone.  

Last week, I had the absolute privilege to meet with Allan “Big Al” Connolly.

Entrepreneur, Ambassador and Connector for hire in economics, business and community development. Ripped from his business card.

Or as I like to think of him, an Obi Wan Kenobi archetype. Side note: new Star Wars film starts showing at Christmas.

So, Big Al. Networking Jedi Master. Good, we need more people like him.

A magical helper who traverses our ordinary online world and the enchanted worlds of… the real world.

In other words, not the internet, the one out there where all the flesh and bone version of us reside. The bit with the fresh air.

Allan and I spoke for thirty minutes before pressing record on my slightly glitchy Samsung S5.

Sitting down and having a coffee with Allan, it felt as if someone had turned the knowledge dial up.

We both agreed that we could have talked all day about creating community, business, entrepreneurship and good old fashion values.

I highly recommend your own social project where you meet new people, connect and ask them to share their wisdom.

Allan shares a simple message, reach out and act within the community. It will fulfil your fondest memory.

Which, I’ve come to think is hanging out with people in the flesh and having a good time. Simple right?

And if actually introducing yourself is not your thing, visit Nabo if you want to make friends with your neighbours the screen-born virus way.





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