We live in a “give me the quick fix” age, so I’ll give you the secret to a beautiful body right away.

Start telling yourself a new story about your body.



Look in the mirror… or while you are scrolling aimlessly down the waste-of-your-timeline and start with something like:

…and then all of a sudden I was freaking gorgeous just the way I was and no one really gave a shit about what I looked like except me!

In fact, I realised a very interesting phenomena, maybe you can relate?

I have spent a good portion of my life worrying about what others are thinking of me.

It’s stopped me from doing what I love, caused me depression and all sorts of loop-de-loop thoughts about who I was and what I “should” do with my life.

It’s been breath taking.

The imagination is a powerful thing.

Then I realised everyone spends a good portion of their life worrying what others are thinking about them too.

Which made me think, when does everyone do this illusive thinking about what I do with my time? Do they schedule it into outlook task manager?

11:00am to 11:05am: Criticise Samuel about something fictitious.

Now since we also live in age where self-sabotage gets more views than google and facebook combined, I’ll also tell you the real secret to a beautiful body.

Be kind yourself.

That’s it. Simple.

Stop the bullshit story of how ugly, fat, old, hairy, skinny or whatever you have created in your powerful imagination to be.

Be kind to yourself.

And don’t for one second tell yourself that you don’t know how to be kind to yourself, because you do.

And don’t give yourself yet another excuse as to why you don’t deserve to feel good about your bag of bones.

Truth is, you will be dead within 100 years right?

I’m going to put $20 down that says, no one will remember me, you or whoever after another 100 years, so stop with the sophisticated self-sabotaging-body-image strategy and put a smile on your dial instead.

That’s the message from author of Perfectly Me, Margaret McKerihan and photographer Julie Brooker.

Margaret McKerihan

“I love my body and I still have good days and bad days.”

The book is filled with glorious photos of every day people showing off their bodies, just the way they are.

Each portfoilio includes a story about how these people see their body.

I’m in the book too, covering my bits with my electric ukulele.

It’s… breath taking.