Sip your coffee and then run this wave of quantum potential along your pea-sized synaptic joints for a moment:

1. Your organisation just spent a good amount of money, time and effort on your branding.


2. Now, a visually appealing, cheesy google friendly buzz word mission statement gets VIP treatment in all your marketing materials.

A sense of dopamine-like pride fills your central nervous system.

Have another sip of coffee.

3. Your glorious organisation’s message states how your brand promises this and that.

Promises, promises.

4. But now, you have a dissatisfied client on the phone because you have BROKEN that brand promise.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Go and sit in the naughty marketing corner and put the tall pointy hat on labelled ‘dunce.’

And, not only you, but everyone in your company is breaking that promise because no one in your organisation actually cares about it or how to implement this grand brand plan.

Surely, this can’t be true?

Surely, you don’t have this amazing mission statement hanging over the entrance to your workplace, or blazing in golden pixelated-light as a benefit driven headline on your holy website.

And surely, everyone at your company actually believes this brand promise and does that thing called “actually living up to its meaning.”

Why, if you were not living up to your brand promise, your, your… your organisation would be going down the dirtiest pub gurgler in town.

Fortunately, good soul’s like Ava Lucanus can come to the rescue.


She’s the gal you go to when your business suspects that holding the flag called “exceptional customer experience” is worth championing.

Speaking with Ava for a second time on this blog (because she’s so cool), I’ve realised she has super power: telling it like it is.

Her effect on organisations is rather sobering and empowering.

Ava wants you to consider this about your organisation:

Is your customer service experience in alignment with your brand promise?

Does your organisation have a system for everyone involved to practically apply your brand promise at every touch point?

Has anyone actually sat down with you and asked you want you think your organisation’s brand values means to you and how you can communicate that to each client?

These questions, especially the last one addresses that weak link in an organisation that often causes it’s downfall if not rectified.

In the end, an organisation’s values and brand are a bit like a philosophical question: why are you here and what are you supposed to be doing?

Meaning, do you know why are you at your organisation and does everyone at your organisation have a shared understanding of it’s highest values?

Are you helping, hindering or just another shoulder-shrugger?

We simply must enjoy running in circles.


Want to kick goals instead, the way your organisation ought to be?

Ava Lucanus helps you with the goal kicking bit.