Here is a great mystery for you to attempt.

What is the most important thing you can do to build wealth? Be it investing in property, shares or a good music collection for those suddenly very social Saturday nights?

The answer will surprise you.

Now, if you’ve been listening to John Demartini’s Financial Mastery audio program, like I have for the last 2 weeks, then you would have a pretty clear answer.

When I met with Chairman & CEO at Greater Australasian Capital Pty Limited, Paul Masten this week, it was like meeting a wise philosopher who knew the answer too.

paul masten

Our conversation started out quite philosophical , which I entirely encourage when sitting in the sunshine at 10am at Bib & Tucker, Leighton Beach.

Paul currently works in the property and mining industries developing property specialising in the use of modular and prefabricated building method.

He shared three basic messages for people who want to build wealth through property:

1. Educate yourself because there are heaps of online and printed press information available

2. Surround yourself with suitable professionals and especially get a good Accountant and Financial Advisor.

3. Conduct thorough due diligence on all property investment.

Paul says the biggest trap to avoid when it comes to property, isn’t really a problem but a simple awareness of where the property market is in it’s 7 and a bit year cycle.

So why do people continue to ignore good advice of the masters of investing?

We are simple beings, says Paul, and a simple solution is often the best.

My Demartini audio program says wealth building comes down to purposely placing three new values front and centre in your mind.

  1. your self-worth
  2. a cause beyond yourself
  3. wealth building (see Paul Masten for further details, especially regarding property).

Paul recommends courage and not being influenced by what everyone else is doing.

Here’s a question for you think about:

Whose advice have you been taking regarding your wealth?

Is that advice getting you the results you want?

Paul’s company offers private education for people who are serious about building their wealth through property.

You can find him on Linkedin.