Without a shadow of a doubt, planet earth is smack bang in the middle of an epic paradigm shift.

This means change for you, everything and everyone you know.

It is most certain that you are going through some massive transformation.

Well guess what, so is everyone.

It’s time for a little accepting of some new values.

A new way of seeing the world.

This paradigm shift requires some planning. It’s also time for you to start planning who you are going to see the new Star Wars Episode VII with come Chrissie Time.

I am most certainly taking Bass Tadros, Author, Business Strategist and Mindset Coach.

And I am most certainly going to refer to the new Star Wars in as many blog posts as I can.

Here he is…


Just look at that undone top button pink shirt get up he’s got goin’ on.

Vanity Fair has nothin’ on this guy.

The moment I met Mister Tadros… the mo-ment, I tell you, we both had a sense of, “we’ve known each other before.”

Talk about resources you thought you didn’t have.

Your life circumstances may be far varied from everyone else, but one thing Bass is all about is making you aware that you have lots of resources around you.

And inside you.

Inner resources like that massive computer-like organ between your ears and the electro-magnetic, atomic re-arranging device right in the centre of your chest.

Bass is the kinda guy who, when you hang out with, causes changes in the atomic structures of your reality.

In other words, cool things start to happen.

My advice is to start hanging out with people like Bass more, simply because you probably need a guiding light during this in between phase.

Your mindset is so key to transforming your life.

Bass has inspired me to envision that heartset is the new mindset.

Here’s to making karmically destined friendships.