Has your wool always been black?

Maybe you dyed it rainbow as a teenager?

Yeah, that’ll stick it to ’em.

Rainbow wool.


Then one day, you find yourself running your own business or running one for someone else. And you and your rainbow get up are actually doing a good job.

Alicia Menkveld was the black sheep of her family, but she is more like a rainbow sheep now.

Or just… a rainbow.

Alicia Menkveld

Alicia is a Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach and Author on confidence and influential self-leadership.

Hanging out with Alicia, you get a sense of fun and courage.

She comes across as being the kind of friend who visits mid-week and coaxes you into going dancing. For comfort zone expansion purposes.

There is something special about a person who can speak to inspire people to activate the leader within.

Maybe it’s their vast experience, such as Alicia has?

Check the bio on her website: Prof.

17 years working with very successful and influential leaders in business on three continents, where she consulted for companies of all sizes in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Alicia owned a 7-figure consulting business in South Africa and moved to Australia six years ago where she founded Radical Consulting, a marketing consultancy, and Alicia Menkveld International, an empowerment company that inspires confident, influential behaviour in organisations and people on both a personal and professional level.

But is experience the only thing that generates this quality in someone?


Is it that leaders have a crystal clear mission and vision that does the trick?

Not entirely, another vital ingredient is needed.

You have to have a cool last name.

Menkveld for example.

And say it with a South African accent.

Her name doesn’t just roll off the tongue, it does a double somersault and makes a perfect landing in your ears.

The Menkveld Effect, as it might be written about in psychology books in years to come, creates a suddenly wonderful feeling of, “I’m gonna make cool stuff happen.”

People like Mizz AM can install power and confidence into people and support them to realise they were capable of much more.

Want someone to raise the energy of your organisation?

Alicia is your gal, but only if you want a rainbow with a pleasant South African accent bringing fresh colour to your business.

Here’s to all the Black Sheep.