Do you often think you should have studied Genetic Science?

I have.

Heaps of times.

Imagine you all of a sudden knew a heap of knowledge about genetics. It would be like putting the cheat codes on in Grand Theft Auto.

Left, Left, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left.

That’s the cheat combination for Moon Gravity in GTA.

Mia Shilkin needs no cheat codes, she has studied the big GS at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

She knows about codes.


But before all that, out of no where, Mia developed a tumour and… healed it completely.

With Mia Powers.

I think she decided to redirect the energy that was flowing or blocked in her life.

So naturally, as is the case with Indigo shaded beings of light, Mia recently won herself an award as one of the top 100 most influential small businesses in Perth, Australia at the Nifnex Business Awards.

She thanks the fact the she got a tumour, it lead her to where she is now. It showed her how to heal yourself and others.

Earth has heaps of these people on the planet right now.

Unhappy life. Depressing job. Tumour.

Doesn’t stand a chance when Mia is around.

Seriously all that aside, what makes Mia lean toward the very cool side of things is simply, that she still mixes vinyl records.

Psytrance vinyl.




Don’t get me started.

In my opinion, that’s the real reason people win business awards: their music taste, and Mia’s business is the same. Fuelled by binaural beats of heart consciousness.

After listening to Mia, I’ve come to the conclusion that what she makes people aware of is their capacity to redirect their lives.

However you want.

So get the imagination and crayons out.

Big butcher paper and bluetac.

It’s art and craft hour with Mia Shilkin and The Public Speaking Wizard.