First of all, they are super fun, very intelligent and have a strong practical nature.

And their children are often very well behaved in cafe bookshops too.

Faeries are not so difficult to spot any more either.

For a while there, humans couldn’t see Faeries. It was as if we all had a combination of a headcold and partial blindness for a few decades.

What I’ve noticed, and this is just my take on it, so please can some Faerie correct me:

That Faeries didn’t disappear, they were here the whole time.

And even better is that humans are starting to look, think, behave and fly just like them too.

Something magical is happening.

Faerie Cara flies across the cafe bookshop and lands with skill and grace on the couch for the interview.

Faerie Cara

Faerie Cara runs Eco Faerie in Perth, Western Australia.

It’s colourful entertainment and eco-education fun in one.

Now, be it that I am a bit of a spiritual investigator, I endeavour to see the Faerie appearance, interaction and educative elements from a higher vantage point.

Just to see what is happening.

Just to contribute some explanation of this magnificent emerging phenomena of the Faerie Consciousness.

It’s really a wonderful blending of the spiritual and physical world.

Human consciousness is starting to bloom into a wider variety of uniqueness.

Is it that humans are becoming more like faeries? Or is faerie consciousness radiating at a most well-timed moment?

A moment in Earth’s history when some things gonna change.

What makes the appearance of the faerie kingdom a really refreshing event, is that it brings an incredible sense of humour and sense of fun too.

For example, you can go up to them and say hi, play a game, have a laugh and learn some essential and appropriate actions you can make to heal this crystal shard we call Earth.

Faerie Cara is all about getting the community inspired.

If you want to meet Cara and her faerie friends, you can!

This weekend at Power Down picnic, Saturday 28th March at Clarko Reserve, Trigg Beach between 4:30-7:30pm.

Faerie Cara and I say farewell.

She doesn’t simply vanish before my eyes.

Although, I wouldn’t put it passed her.


They stick around in the cafe bookshop and take a few new titles with them.

Keepin’ up with the times.