Drones have a bit of a bad reputation, don’t they? They sneak across the sky at night and, god forbid, they see you watering your lawn when it’s not your day.

A red laser fires down at you and the hose explodes in your hand, saturating your Sponge Bob bathrobe; just to let you know who’s running the show from above.

But all drones aren’t bad are they? I was at a really awesome musical festival recently, Fractal Life, and this guy shows up with a $4000 drone with a Go Pro stuck on. He flew the drone way up high as the sun was rising on second day of the festival and took the most beautiful shot. The even cooler thing was the remote control had a tv screen so the operator had eyes like an eagle. I think our little floating friends need a second chance.

Drones may have feelings too. There may even be drone support groups one day if we keep sending bad energy through the quantum field.

I wonder if drones read The Law of Attraction to make the world a better place? Or if they are just trying to attract their soul mate so they can make little dronets. Just because the military uses them for spying, doesn’t mean every day people can’t use them for fun stuff… ok, and maybe a little spying. Just think, Spy vs. Spy from Mad magazine.

And how do we know the military drones are happy in their job? Maybe the hours are long and the pay is crap?

But let’s talk about that another time, maybe bring it up at a staff meeting? Just don’t mention the D word. Anyway, big businesses are starting to use the technology to their advantage too. To look at their assets. That’s what Chris Leslie and his team at Airscope Industries do. They make unmanned aerial systems for companies so they can access their buildings, rigs and other assets from the comfort of their office.

Chris Leslie
Chris Leslie

The operator can see what the drone sees, either from laptop or tablet. Pretty sweet, right? Chris has had a massive passion for aeronautics all his life and now he is applying his love for flying into innovative technology for companies. Now that’s great and all, but I really think Airscope need to consider a few of my own design ideas.

Firstly, the drone is going to need a good sound system. A few sub-woofers, an amplifier and a selection of the latest Trap and Bass tracks.

Secondly, what about turbo injection and that air releasing sound cars make when changing gears. Bbbbbrrrrrr PSSSHHHHH BBBBbbbbbrrrrr PPPPSSSHHHHHH… down the cafe strip with the bass turned up. So imagine you could pimp your drone. What would you add? Talk to Airscope, they’re watching. http://www.airscope.com.au/