Want to know what will be the greatest craze in the future?

All the kids will be into it.

It’s already proving very popular.

Want to guess?

I’m not talking about a hoverboard from Back the Future, that’s already been made.

But having this will make you feel like you are floating about an inch off the ground everywhere you go. People are already feeling the effects.

And it will be free.

Emily Rose has got hers already.

She now helps other people get it too.

Emily Rose

It’s not the cat, well it might have something to do with it.

But you see that smile on Emily’s face?

That’s a result of what everyone in the future will have.

Starts with self, rhymes with acceptance.

Emily lives in California where she makes the world not just a little better, a lot better.

She is all about falling in love with yourself, accepting who you are and smiling just like her.

You can read about it in her recently published book, Break Your Bad Love Habits.

As a self-actualization and relationship coach, Emily is one of those people who practices what she preaches and it comes across in conversation. Her heart can be heard in her voice and seen through her eyes.

In the current situation on the planet, where relationships are just as important as ever, we find ourselves in a waffle with syrup and cookie cream dough kind of position.

Gender, sex, monogamy, polyamory, selfie-ogamy: it’s a continuously transforming energy.

Transformation: just like the waffle going into the syrup, the syrup into the cookie dough and no doubt getting into the nooks and cranny’s of your Samsung S5 too! It’s hectic.

Imagine all the stickiness.

Are relationships getting sticker or do we just like to play with our food?

Joseph Campbell in his, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, says of the feminine that it is a transformative energy.

Emily transforms energy inside people.

She allows them to accept themselves and love being with themselves.

Therefore Emily is a Goddess.

The Californian variety.




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