You would be standing before the star gate.

A vertical wet surface, glimmering with quantum potential.

And a low humming sound of machines and computers.

Above the star gate is inscribed in Greek, Know Thyself.

The gate is set to send you back to 1865 AD, with one very special piece of technology. Muse: The brain sensing headband.

Behind you in another room, from behind a large window, stands the team from InteraXon, the company that developed the Muse.

Everyone is wearing black shades and suits and… head bands.

And you think, “why didn’t I get a pair of shades?”

Next to you stands the CEO and Founder of InteraXon, Ariel Garten, who has the air of Professor X from the X-men, with all of the cool telepathy powers and a lot more hair.

Ariel Gartner

You have been chosen to go back in time and use the brain sensing headband for one objective only.

You must find Roxey Ann Caplin, a famous corset maker, and allow her to wear the Muse while she works on her final fashion creation.

“We must inspire that woman to come up with something new. If she has the power to create the modern day corset… then,” says Ariel with a sigh, “the future of fashion depends on it.”

She places a hand on your shoulder reassuringly and leaves you.

You fit the Muse onto your head and step through the gate.

It’s makes a whooshy gooey sound and you instantly appear in 1865.

The rest is a mental blank, time travel can do that.

Nevertheless, one thing is for certain.

You succeeded in your mission.

Back in 2015, the fashion industry now dominates politics, cultural advancements and especially electronic dance music.

Woodstock was like Burning Man, but with 2 million people.

And all because you convinced Roxey to wear the Muse while she made her masterpiece.

A synthetic fabric, weaved with Muse technology.

Created while wearing the Muse brain sensing headband you brought back through time.

In this alternate reality, the muse-fabric is considered the greatest invention of all time.

More influential than post-it notes. I know, incredible right?

This muse-fabric is now used in all clothing across human worlds throughout interstellar space.

It superseded the internet. Nay, the internet was never needed.

Muse-fabric did away with that ever painful problem of choosing what to wear on a Saturday night too.

It was like having a personal image consultant who compared current fashion trends via all other clothes that were being worn that very moment.

It would be as if Google Trends had fashion sense.

If you took the initiative of those red shoes with those earrings, the in-built voice of the Muse fabric would interrupt quickly, sounding oh so identical to Ariel Garten’s voice:

 “I wouldn’t wear that if I were you.”

But you knew the muse-fabric voice was always right.

It knew you that you knew too.

Ariel’s TED talk.