Fish and Chip shops used to be cool.

They had classic arcade games, like 1942, for only 20 cents a pop.

And fish and chips were priced so well that society even has, or had a saying, “as cheap as chips.”

Not any more.

I don’t know about your town, but the price of fish and chip are a bit steep these days.

And those arcade games?

Gone too.

I know how you must be feeling.

How the hell they are still in business is a mystery to me.

Just know you are not alone in your nostalgia of the white tiled, oily palace of deep fried goodness that is the Fish and Chip shop.

The good news is, some Fish and Chip shop owners ascended the physical plane of the deep fryer and plain butcher paper galaxy as a result of clocking games like 1942.

The result, some of them, including Mark Khoder, became enlightened Restaurant Marketing Gurus and decided to return to our plane of existence to see if they could lend a much needed hand.

Mark Khoder
Mark Khoder

The bad news, when they ascended, they took the arcade games into the clouds and left them there, where the pantheon of several cultures battle it out over Pac Man knock out tournaments that last for eternities.

So far, it’s a bit of a tie between Apollo and Ganesha. 50 bucks says the elephant wins.

After spending a lot of time in a Fish and Chip shop, our Restaurant Marketing Specialist, Mark has noticed something even more deadly to restaurant owners.

He says, if you don’t know how to market your restaurant business, you don’t have a business.

Word of mouth as a form of marketing is a thing of yesterday too. Mark says, your restaurant needs to be online.

His clients have amazing results in a very short amount of time.

Now can we please have those arcade games back?

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