This diet and lifestyle experiment is simple and seems to hold a lot of promise.

But could you do it too?

Northern Territory (Australia) come Kalbarri local, Wayne Griffin, is starting a one year experiment during which he will only eat what he can catch, kill and grow.

wayne griffinYeah, it’s a social experiment.

Wayne is fully aware of the challenges of trying to stick to the plan, especially for the fact that when he goes to a mate’s place, he will eat only what he brings.

Think he can do it?

Could you?

It’s got the attention of a local doctor and Wayne is going to document the whole thing with medical check ups and video footage.

It could be the next “Supersize Me,” but a tad healthier.

Ok, a bucket load healthier.

Ok, and this is not just about a weight loss diet, that was just a headline to get more people to read.

However, Wayne’s experiment could teach us a few things along the way about better eating and living.

And being that obesity is really popular at the moment on planet earth, I figure the headline is justified.

Besides, what’s an attention grabbing headline between blogger and reader these days?

If people really wanted to lose a few kay gees, the “eat less, exercise more” approach wouldn’t be considered so controversial now, would it?

Wayne says he is drawing a lot from the principles of permaculture and his experience living in the Northern Territory (Australia).

He also has an affinity for the indigenous knowledge of food gathering and will include this into his experiment.

What lifestyle changes are you thinking about making?

Have you considered your diet lately; where your food comes from and the effect it has on you, the planet and how many matches you’re getting or not getting on Tinder this week?

Think about it.

Stay tuned for Wayne Griffin Productions.