What 4%?

The 4% of the population that have chosen to direct their lives regardless of the circumstances into which they were born.

I’ll cut to the hide and seek kiss chasey.

There are many ways to get the moola in this world.

I get it from beatboxing and rap workshops, DJing around town, coaching people, speaking on stage, training adults and the occasional random request.

I won’t go into details now, but maybe over a bottle of preservative free bio-dynamically grown red wine.

Which is actually becoming easier to find.

When I find it in in a bottle shop, I’m stoked.

When a friend finds it for me, brings it over and shares it, I worship them appropriately.

Gavin Lewis is a guy who finds things for people.

gavin lewis
Gavin Lewis

He brought me a few beers once, plus some epic books and audio course of financial intelligence.

Made all the difference.

I kinda worship him for that.

Gavin’s super power?

He helps people find properties around Perth and is a guiding light through the development journey.


He loves it.

I met Gavin a couple of years ago and we have been mates since.

One of the stand out qualities of Gavin is that he understands that all things are really just an “exchange of value.”

Like I said, facebook scollaz, this is probably not trivial enough to stand out from the noise and total binary-pixal-verbal diarrhoea that you are so used to wading through each day.

However, if you are a serious investor of your finances, Gavin is someone I highly recommend you start a conversation with.

Not only does he lead you through the paperwork, the searching and all that other stuff regarding developing properties, but he aims to coach people through the process.

He does this because a lot of people have beliefs about what is possible for them.

Gavin stretches those beliefs.

He shows you how to expand your vision for your financial future.

He is making property investment cool again.

He’s making it a fricken psychological transformation and spiritual journey.

Props to him.