Is it something new?

This behaviour some humans have of changing careers several times in their life?

Or is it a privilege?

I do it.

I’m proud of my ability to change career paths really quickly.

Am I lucky?

In comparison to most of the world, shit yeah.

And, I’m grateful for it.

Debbie Macintyre is familiar with this path too.

deb macintyre
Debbie Macintyre

She career transitioned from… get ready for it… the Legal industry, to being a singer, a vocal trainer, personal trainer, lifestyle coach to Shamanic energy healer.

Many circles talk about a transformation on this planet.

Traditional ideas of what a career is have certainly been re-shaped in the last few decades.

Debbie is one of those magnificent people who are all about helping others to make the transition from where they are to where they want to be.

You know what this is all about?

This planetary consciousness change thing-a-ma-jig? Self-approval, self-love and disco.

Well, in Debbie’s case, dancing and singing.

I am in total favour of Debbie’s idea that you ought to let your hair down and dance to your favourite tracks.

A lot.

As a form of loving yourself.

As a form of busting out your moves in preparation for Saturday night.

You want to know who Deb is?

She’s that friend who turns up at your place in a good mood and drags you out on your night off and renews your faith in your dancing shoes.

Those sparkly ones.

The ones kids wear that flicker when they walk.

But big kid size.

She shows you that yes, life is all about redirecting your life.

If you want to.

Cause you can.

Ignore tradition and do things your way.

Because frankly or debbly, once you’re gone… well you know what I mean.

Just do what you love.