It could be too late for you.

Your family, your friends, your facebook.

Who knows the true number of those suffering from this horrible condition?

Heart attacks are a common place in society, so could this just be the evolution of an illness?

I’m talking about a condition that is killing personal and human connection.

How do you bring about a genuine connection between two people anyway?

Are we as good at connecting with each other as we are at connecting our device to a personal hotspot?

Or to take a selfie?

How do you connect to yourself and others?

Well, how do you do it?

Don’t worry, you’re far from alone in a world where people feel alone.

In the office and out in public, there is a great fear of a big scary monster called a physical and emotional connection with people. Boo!

Even if your intention is a nice one.

But surely, we have a growing number of reasons to distrust people? Right?

Allow me to introduce one of the most intentionally aware Daikinis on the planet, Chelsea Beggs.

Chelsea can be found at Eden Temple in Perth, Australia.

Just think, hidden Jedi sanctuary on a far away forest moon, and totally worth featuring in Scoop Magazine for it’s weekend get-away-ness.

Eden Temple is a venue where connections take place.

It’s also where Sam takes breath-taking selfies of himself and guests with his new S5.

Chelsea Beggs
Chelsea Beggs

Chelsea facilitates oh so wonderful transformational workshops, intentional circles, private sessions, meditations and yoga.

And in spare moments between transforming lives, she looks after her baby who has only just arrived on planet earth a few months ago.

Spare moments.

Yeah, right.

Just like the moments we don’t have to connect with each other and ourselves because we have way to much screen time to get through today.

Must reach that quota.

Chelsea says there are these other spare moments of which she wants people to become aware.

The gaps.

The gaps between sensing something and the habit of blind reaction.

Eden Temple is a place where you are supported to becoming mindful of your connection to yourself and others, without your smart phone. I know right.

Just hanging out with Chelsea in her temple, which is a large room in a residential setting, with tall native trees and… wait for it… birds… singing.

It’s truly amazing.

I put my phone down for an hour and sat down on these Thailand cushion seat things.

The feeling of the place made me want to stay all day.

So peaceful.

Like you ought to feel in yourself and with your world.