Have you got the courage to start something before knowing all the steps?

Do you even really need to know the steps?

Ultimately, you don’t.

In fact, I don’t think you can ever know all the steps of your future.

You can imagine and visualise your future till the cows come home, but it all comes down to starting on the path where you find yourself right now.

This also applies to building your own brand as an entrepreneur.

It’s a bit like a spiritual journey.

You have to discover yourself, go through some fire, slay a dragon or two and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a platform from which to launch into hyperspace.

Someone who gets this is Donna Arrogante, the Essence Muse.

No doubt she is often in hyperspace on a cool spaceship.

One decorated with flowers so that it matches the branding theme of her website, message and you tube videos.

Donna was put on the planet to help purpose driven entrepreneurs translate their essence into a successful and vibrant online brand so they can attract their soulmate clients and make their impact in the world.

Totally just ripped that from her website.

Becoming an entrepreneur was quite a mission for Donna.

She just started seeing other people as examples rather than as inspirations.

She simply had to begin.

A lot of it is giving yourself permission to try something new and not worry if it goes horribly wrong.

The horribly wrong of sending an email to the wrong person for example.

Every now and then your ought to give yourself permission… especially on a Friday night.

Watch your favourite movie, smash a bottle of your favourite liquid along with a pizza and a bad ass topping. Now that is self-permission.

I found Donna by searching for ways to combine my passions with my entrepreneurial zest.

Seriously, check out her you tube videos.

They are funky, funny and informative.

Get a pen ready.

Donna says, you got to see yourself as more than just an entrepreneur.

A good way to do this is to really listen to the stories of the people around you and hold a bigger image of yourself and your clients.

An even better way to do this is to learn hip hop dancing and express yourself.

Donna used to be a hip hop “locker”, you know, that dance style from the Soul Train!

One of those ones that can spin on her head, after the pizza and a bottle of magic potion of course.

I want to see a video of that.

Donna, start uploading please.

We need you to set the example.