Ever wondered about those strange jobs that people do all over the world.

The ones that are just never advertised and you just don’t hear about them, unless you’re in the know.

Jobs that are a little strange. Legal of course, but still strange.

Not thaaat strange, yet it’s amazing the things you think wouldn’t be a problem in 2015.

But they are.

And somebody gotta fix em.

And somebody gets the call to go fix it.

Cultural-integration Communications Specialist, Tanya Finnie gets those calls.


When you see Tanya with the Zulu King in the photo… oh never mind, just read on, all will be revealed.

Tanya Finnie
Tanya Finnie

Coming from South Africa, but living a life of a professional Nomad, Tanya has got some bizarre stories that you just couldn’t make up.

Like the time she was proposed to by a Zulu King to be his 5th wife, but kindly and carefully refused the nothing-wrong-with-it-in-my-culture offer.

Ain’t that the crux of the anti-matter.

Us humans are at a point in our collective history, that we are being more than encouraged by each other to raise our collective consciousness and awareness just to get along with each other.

But really, isn’t that what humans have always tried to do?

In my opinion, Tanya, of Red Head Communications, and yes, she’s a red head, probably came from Gotham City.

Because she has a much needed super power.

She raises cultural awareness.

She is so in the know, she probably has roof access to the building with the Bat Sign, when shit goes down of course.

Tanya raises awareness within the aged care industry and corporate fields, just as an example. She facilitates workshops, is a keynote speaker, coach, and Mum to a 5 year old son, just to fill in her spare time.

Quite simply and powerfully, Tanya is dedicated to making the world a better place, one conversation at a time.

When two or more cultures come together and there’s a few awkward moments, Tanya is your redhead you can trust.

Not only can she point the bat torch and act as a vital link in the chain of restoring order to the Great Empire that is your business, industry or organisation, she can also show people how to communicate better.

And that there folks, is not always an easy trick.