Here’s the secret.

Wait not a moment later.

Change who you think you are.

Want to know how?

In days gone by, a student or seeker of the mysteries would walk a long way to find a teacher who would instruct them.

These days, you can spend a few hours on or Youtube and you’re at least at the doorstep the great temples and libraries of knowledge. But are you ready?

The doors open and you step in.

There’s still one thing you need to experience before lasting change takes place.

It’s sometimes called the shock of initiation.

A jolt to your psyche.

A sudden re-wiring of the physical neurons of your bwwwwain.

It’s not always a pretty picture after, but that’s normal.

Because when you change who you think you are, you can expect to have an amazing drive and need to re-assess friendships, partners, jobs and even where you live.

And how much success and wealth ought to be yours.

You can often go through an after shock period of putting the pieces back how you want them to look, based on this new concept of yourself.

Executive Coach, Mihir Thaker, works on people’s core beliefs about themselves. He then sends them sky-rocketing into the galaxy of successful living.

He’s quite good at it too.

Mihir Thaker
Mihir Thaker

Go check out his free ebook, The Money Experience System.

I downloaded it and went through it diligently and became aware of some hidden beliefs about myself around money.

It’s sent me off in a rather stimulating direction on the path of self-discovery and self-renewal.

I love it.

Mihir’s key messages are more like questions:

What is belief an outcome of in the first place?

The answer?

Your beliefs about your self-concept.

He says, go to the system that has created the individual.

You step inside your mind.

You greet the concierge of your imagination, whose official title is, The Great Enhancer Of Fractal Frequencies… or Geoff.

You step into that deep dark room of the mind called, The Identity Lounge and see, over there in the corner, an over ride button.

It’s not a big red button that says ‘press me’, although with some knowledge of NLP and sub-modalities you could easily add some mood lighting and a cocktail-lounge feel to your Identity Control Room.

At least it would make the whole “reshaping who you are” process a little more attractive.

Add some Cafe Del Mar chill out music and this business of changing yourself is going to show up on Google trends.

Everyone will be doing it.

Mihir says, who you believe you are creates your beliefs.

So be congruent with your inner and outward reality of things.

Nothing about yourself is set in stone, you can always change yourself.

Mihir, in a previous incarnation, was no doubt one of the masters of an ancient temple of spiritual wisdom.

His name means, the Sun.

Quite appropriately picked,don’t you think?