Some people are like mirrors and they reflect just what you need to see.

It’s weird, but good weird.

I like to think of these people as American Mythologist, Joseph Campbell thinks of them.

As magical helpers.

Allies along the path.

Our personal mytho-poetic journey.

Or some kind of Mr. Fancy Pants arrangement of words aimed at drawing you in and reading the rest of this article.

Debbie Zita is a magical helper with a mirror in her hand.

She’s hiding it behind her back.

Debbie Zita
Debbie Zita

Like we don’t know or something.

She’d be one of those friends at a Sunday BBQ who would use her mirror to reflect the sunlight into your eyes from across the backyard.

She’d think it was hilarious that you couldn’t figure out who or what was causing it.

As you squint your eyes, she’d only be having a little fun with you, speaking from a physical plane point of view.

However, simultaneously, she would be channelling the divine light into your very soul for the purpose of opening your heart and making you shine brightly.

From the perspective of the spiritual plane that is.

The foundation upon which sits the entire physical universe.

That empty space modern science is having a little bit of a challenging time explaining.

The 99.9% empty space of an atom. The things that make up everything.

Scientists would just love to know how to channel the energy of that empty space.

Debbie would just whip out her mirror and show you how it’s done.

I bet, as the mirror comes racing out of Debbie’s superhero utility belt, that it makes the sound a Jedi’s Light Sabre would make.




All the while, you’re just wondering what the fuck is going on at this bbq?

And, as you throw a look at Debbie across the garden as if to say, “Debs? What the fuh,” suddenly, the whole scene freezes, much like what that character from X-men can do.

The breeze stops, conversations pause and everyone at the bbq is frozen.

Except you and Debbie… who now, floating a little above the synthetic lawn you put in last week, appears brightly as if a helicopter’s near blinding search light shone from behind her.

Just think major blockbuster action film with jaw-dropping-James-Cameron CGI.

One of the most important scenes of the movie.

Her voice booms out to you.


Or whatever your name is.

You are to go the Bottle-o System, there you will meet Vodka, the bloke behind the cashier who instructed me in the art of mirror reflecting… and while you’re there, pick up some more Pinot Noir.

The whole scene unfreezes. Everything just continues on as normal. Your friends totally unaware of that little moment out of time.

That moment between you and Dynamite D (that could be her superhero name in a Marvel movie).

Today, I had such a moment with the White Glowing One via Skype, her words were pleasant, but they resonated deeply within me.

She even pulled me a Life Purpose card, probably from her utility belt.

It read, “just be yourself.”

Those cards can be pretty useful, they have the deadliness of a ninja star.

But a belt of this calibre has to take the cake.

I bet it’s got a teleportation button too.