Sylvia Marina is a native from New Zealand.

She is all about helping people find and live their greatest value.

If you’ve lost yours that is. Or you’ve never found it.

Isn’t it strange, that as a planetary species that we need people like Sylvia to help us find such a thing as our greatest value?

Shouldn’t we come born into this world knowing it?

Or perhaps come with an instruction manual and disclaimer?

In my years as an educator, I know some parents who would rather their child came with a pause button. Nevermind the little one’s greatest value, what about a go-the-fuck-to-sleep-button?

This woman is also just a bundle of love, a bit of a Mother Teresa archetype.

Here she is. Equipped with swirly necklace thing.

Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

Is our greatest value a bit like our creative gift to offer the world?

This particular quest ought to be my middle name.

Been searching for it too?

It’s fun isn’t, especially the frustrating bit just before you realise what it actually is.

Being an aspiring infopreneur, I’ve recognised that having lots of creativity can be the problem.

Do you find it difficult to choose one thing out of the endless awesome-sauce ideas that pop into your head?

I mean, which one to actually take to market?

It’s the real meaning to a classic nursery rhyme or a least a new take on it.

A point of differentiation perhaps?

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had organic grain fed roast beef, and this little piggy had none.

And this little piggy ran allllllll the way home crying, “why is it so hard to work out my greatest value, niche, target market, positioning, USP and message?”

Nursery rhymes aside, Sylvia has that mothering quality.

Her presence radiates over anyone who stands close to her.

She’s the kind of person who would give amazing hugs, to calm the situation, to bring harmony and order to the chaos.

Someone with whom you could play several hours of Connect Four.

She’s good like that.

Imagine having someone come into your life who helps your find your top value, the thing that you most resonate with and gives good hugs.

Take the stage; Sylvia Marina.