It should be easy for a customer to do business with you right?

I mean, if you own a business or you sell something, the process should be easy for people.

The simple process is: customer finds what they are looking for from you, they want to buy it and they hand over the cash.


You give them the goods and everyone’s happy.

Simple enough, right?

Communication specialist and down right wonderful woman, Ava Lucanus says, you would be surprised at how difficult some companies are making it for the customer to do business with them.

The effort some customers have to go through just to get what they want is something of which business owners need to be keenly aware.

Ava and Samuel
Ava and Samuel

Here’s an all too common shopping frustration: We have all been there before. We visit a shop we know has what we want. We spend way to long looking for it and it’s frustrating.

Or you visit a website and want to get in contact with the company, but their expert website designer has failed to accentuate the curvaceous forms of the phone number.

Instead, it’s as if the contact details think we are all playing a game of hide and seek.

And you’re it.

Come and find me it you can.

Ava doesn’t make things an effort for anyone.

Look at her website, it’s obvious she practices what she preaches.

Ava’s thinking is to the point: Customers will simply go somewhere else when they reach a point of, “this company is useless.”

As a business owner, you don’t want that.

You want the customer to have the perception and the experience that doing business with you is a breeze. A breeze on some tropical island would be ideal.

Because then they’ll tell their friends about you.

And remember, that’s a good thing if that happens.

Here’s to customer experience and tropical islands.