Do your emotions hold you back from getting the life of which you dream? The solution could be in your head or in your body. Let’s quickly look at consciousness.

Put all of humanity together and we have thought about it a lot. For a long time. It baffles pretty much everyone including the experts. But we as a collective consciousness have made some pretty-cool-progress lately. It’s because of people who are passionate about mapping human consciousness. Frankly, I have a lot of time for those kind of people. Enter Gary Newton.

Gary deserves to be on the cover of next month’s Vanity Fair. With a headline that reads: Is this man The Consciousness Entrepreneur of the Year?

And why should he deserve such imagined esteem? Because he unblocks your consciousness so you can shine baby, shine. I was privileged to spend a weekend with him a year ago in Melbourne, Australia, and experience the prototype system of Gary’s exquisite personal-development-from-a-Rick-and-Morty-episode-kinda-personal-development-program: The Spiral. It would not surprise me if Gary was an alien-human hybrid. It would explain the wit, the perspective on life and the intelligence. Not to mention his natural inclination and talents for rapping and beatboxing. Massive respect, brother of the mic. In the time I hung out with Gary in his office, he was able to discover my soul values through muscle testing. Very cool stuff. I stuck that list of values on my wall for a year, checked in with them daily and pondered… Are those really my values?

And, just as Apple can be relied upon to bring out a new model iPhone, yet continue to fail in delivering improved battery life and screen indestructibility, those values proved themselves over and over.

I have told a lot of people about Gary and now I want you to know too. There is not a subject or theme around consciousness that Gary could not share some unique and impacting perspective. Ask him to freestyle rhyme about NLP or shamanism. Make sure you youtube that for us all. He runs workshops in Melbourne. Highly recommend the trip.