How do you inspire people when you’ve tried everything?

You know, when the people you work with have lost that loving feeling and the bottom line looks like he’s had a rough night out.

Thought Leader, Yamini Naidu wants you to draw upon one of the most ancient forms of inspiration and influence.


Yamini Naidu
Yamini Naidu

But not just any old type of storytelling.

Yamini shows leaders around the world how to apply the wisdom of business storytelling.

The following trilogy (which comes in four parts) sets out the qualities of a successful business storyteller.

Stories must:

  1. have a purpose
  2. support the hard data
  3. be authentic
  4. and use personal experiences

Think of the most inspirational leader you’ve ever seen.

What was it that made you want to keep listening?

What was it that actually influenced your energy levels?

Was it their fashion sense and the way the stage lighting highlighted their designer shoes?

Maybe you caught a hint of their scent from across the conference room floor? Because we all know the hard data on how people unconsciously select a mate based on their sweat.

Yamini says storytelling within a business context has an exceptionally strong influence over people, when it’s done right.

The power of stories is undeniable.

Entire cultures throughout human history are founded on stories.

The modern world is still being influenced by very old, but very powerful stories.


What happens when you combine this lasting effect that stories can have, with a dash of neuroscience linked to ROI?

I’ll tell you what.

You enter the Matrix and can rearrange those little green letters and numbers that fall down the screen of the balance sheet and freeze bullets in mid-air while you’re at it.

The greatest storytellers of humanity have been able to evoke emotion in entire nations, rouse them to action and re-direct the course of history.

All from storytelling.

Imagine applying this wisdom in your business.

Want some help?

Yamini is your gal.