What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Million dollar entrepreneur, Shaune Clarke, emphasises two things: consciousness and mindset.

Shaune Clarke

He’s currently growing his business from 1 million to 10 million a year and he is happy to share how he is doing that.

Consider a few questions: how much of you is in your business?

How do you replicate yourself so you can free up your time to expand your business’s capacity to add more value to the market?

Shaune believes you either extract the need for time or duplicate yourself.

Besides, Jedi Cloning is so expensive these days, especially that guy down the road who does it from his home office. I have the perception that he is just isn’t worth it, even when he throws in a lightsaber.

Maybe the home job jedi cloning guy ought to duplicate himself and have two technicians?

He would then have the time to at least clean up the surgery room and hang a lemon scented magic tree to get rid of the smell.

He could hire someone to do those tasks?

If you can’t hire a Virtual Assistant to come in and clean, why not a droid?

Shaun encourages entrepreneurs to take the time to reverse engineer and unpack their thinking.

Could you imagine a few droids on your staff?

Could be good.

You could make work Christmas parties look like Jabba the Hut’s Sail Barge.

Picture it: a few exotic musicians with state-of-the-art sound gear running everything through Abelton Live.

A bounty hunter for security.

And a niche team trust building activity involving plank walking.

To replicate yourself, your entrepreneur consciousness needs to harmonise with new people.

A way of communicating a valuable story that re-wires and aligns people’s minds with yours.

It must mutually empowering.

Entrepreneurs need fundamentally high levels consciousness for success to come.

Here’s the gold: Understanding perceived value, that whatever you’re doing, your potential customer has a perception of what that’s worth.

You can not have the success as an entrepreneur unless your are functioning from a position that has a high perceived value.

Shaune leaves us several pieces of wisdom in what he calls The Architecture of Entrepreneurship.

You’re going to have to sell yourself a lot.

You need to come to terms with your own perception of selling: i.e. get over yourself and enjoy the process of selling to someone.

You have to stand in the conviction of your own value.

It’s not all about the money.

You have to get over your customer’s discomfort of giving you money.

Be an Entrepreneur with the right intentions to change people’s lives in a positive way.

The awesome bit of being an entrepreneur is when you have a potential customer who was uncomfortable about buying from you, who then says yes to you and thanks you for selling to them.

Don’t make it about you and your perceptions, do it for them.

Shaune Clarke’s website http://www.bigbrandspeaking.com/